Hello from me Nereida, I believe that many of you know me, if not, you can fund me on Siren.al instagram page. I want to tell you a little about Siren.al, this online business which for me is more than just a business. I have always believed that the best ideas arise in times of need. Such was I, in the midst of many failed attempts to save my skin from acne, I had lost faith that I could find a solution. I was introduced to Korean products for the first time and decided to try it to give myself and my acne one last chance. As skeptical as I was in those moments I tried them. They were light on the skin, absorbed by the skin so easily and above the improvement that I started to see in the first uses was more than I had expected. My acne was healed, the skin regained its lost radiance and became healthy and calm I was optimistic. From that moments I had the desire to offer these products to other girls, why not create a community to share experiences and ideas. From this great desire was born Siren.al , on purpose to take care and treat yourself with the quality range of Korean products and was finalized in the summer of 2020 with the opening of the instagram page. Inspired by the beauty rituals of women in Korea, the treated skin and the healthy glow in their skin, Siren.al was built to bring to the Albanian clientele, the philosophy of skin treatment with innovative ingredients that treat the skin gently. Now, Siren.al is a blog that brings you the novelty of online shopping of the most prestigious Korean brands in a comfortable way, from your home, with just one click. Not only that, but this website is built to bring you the information you need about self-care, innovative Korean advice and methods so that each of our readers can easily incorporate it into their routine. Brands carefully selected by us, are the ones that everyone would need in their personal routine. Our main goal is healthy skin and informing our reader so that he finds himself to make his choice. The selected brands are at the top of the world rankings and come as an innovative range formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients, without damaging your skin. We invite you to join and enjoy in the most comfortable way the shopping experience and personal care information, together at Siren.al